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Hello, I am Pepijn Michels, a first year student at the TU/e from Sint-Michielsgestel, the Netherlands.

I am still a B1 student at the Industrial Design faculty of the Eindhoven University of Technology. I have chosen this faculty because it combines a lot of my interests, combining them to become the creater of not only the outside, but also the inside.

My past

I have always had an eye for the technical sides of devices. I always used to create things with Lego Technic and to make the imaginations that I had come true. I did also toy with and adjust radio controlled cars and helicopter.

I did also create a gun, which could shoot marbles with firecrackers. This gun was back fed and could be closed of at the back, while you could still ignite the firecracker. This was the first time that I started designing and creating things.

But it was not only a technical side that I loved, I did also love to draw and create things on paper. This was the only place where I could visualize my imagination which I could not create with anything else.

When we had to chose an project and course, I went for physics, because this course gave more practical oportunities that I liked. When we had to chose what we wanted to create, I wanted to create an Hovercraft. I wanted to create a hovercraft which could move over all surfaces and propel itself forward.

My vision

During the duration of this year, I found myself to, mostly, have the same vision I had before during last year. Yet I found myself adding extra aspects to my vision on designing in a quite interesting way.

I still want to create or improve smart objects in a more enjoyable way, in which the people can have a more relaxing time using, now, boring devices. Yet I do also want them to be useful in the way they are improved.

I do want to do his by not making the devices faster or by giving them better electronics, but I want to do this by making them more interesting to use. This is because in this society, things are made to be faster, so people can do more and be more efficient, while lessening the time they have to interact with certain devices. I see this as taking the fun out of everything, as people have less time to appreciate everything, and to have more time they have to work.

The thing that I find which should be implemented in designs is to make people more aware of what they are doing, and to give them more time to really appreciate the things they are doing. I want them to be able to “leave” the world as it is, and to relax, to give them joy for a short moment.

These things can be seen mostly in the products that we have to use everyday. These are the products that I would like to work on, yet designing new products is as well fun to do. I want to create innovative ways in doing this, by thinking out of the box, and by letting people experience it themselves.

The designs that I want to create products which are intuitive and creative. People should be able to explore the device that I have created. I do also want to create timeless and simplistic designs, while they may look some kind of futuristic, I do adore the looks of the past.

My Identity

I see myself as a person who likes to see everything from the most positive side, and someone who always tries to make people happy. I find myself doing this as it is something that makes myself happy. I like it when I see people smile and laugh, to see them enjoy the moment. I see this as the beauty in life, as happiness is the sole thing that people strive for. This makes me want to implement this in my way of thinking about things, and designing them.

My interests are drawing, and thus designing, all kind of ideas or new things, maintaining my moped, and listening to music. I like to implement music in a lot of ideas that I have in my mind, as it is something that can really ease my mind. I do also like to really mess around with the coding of my website, and am continuously busy with updating it, or adjusting it.

While I may really like to visualize my ideas, I do also really like to just imagine things and to just speculate. In this way I see myself as a true philosopher, as I am always questioning everything in the world, this always gives me lots of ideas for the projects that I am doing. Yet this may be a little to much sometime, as I often find myself wandering away in my thoughts.

Next to this am I also quite a social guy, who does not dislike to chat with people and to get to know more about them. I always really love to hear the stories they have to tell me, as I can always drown in their stories.

I do also not back off when I am able to help someone. This always really gives me true satisfaction as I see how I can help people find solutions for their problems.

My Competencies

These knobs show how I grade myself per compentency. Clicking on these knobs will direct you towards the page which contains my reflections for my improvements per competency. The desired awareness niveau is 75. These values are relative to what I see as being achievable as the desired awareness niveau. This can change over time due to the fact that I may experience events which may alter my view of these competencies, and my old reflections on my competencies may not always be relative to my newer reflections.


Teamwork and Communicating


Design and research process


Creativity and Aesthetics


Technology and Realization


User and Society


Business and Entrepeneurship


Math, Data and Computing


Self-Directed and Continuous Learning


The desired awareness that has to be achieved

My projects

Here you can find all my (finished) projects.

Other activities

Next to the main project(s), I also participated in other activities.

DG 490 - Design History in Global Perspective (B1.1)

This elective was a real suprise for me. I would have never thought that I would be learning that much about the History of Design. It did also let me think about all the decisions and statements that were made by designers and influential currents.

It did influence me in my way of thinking about how the world fits together. This is because we all want to design a perfect world, but we all have different ideas about this. How could we all fit together and could we all agree with one solution.

This is something that I love to think and speculate about. I even had an discussion with another student about this for an hour, with the results being the creation of a whole new eco-system, fitting to our ideas of a perfect world.

I do also see this as somehting that can an should be applied in the designs you create, because they have to stand for how you see the world, and they have to strive towards that goal.

You can click on this text to go to the full reflection and my vision on some other designers.

DG 190 (B1.2)

During this elective, we had to come up with a couple of opportunities on which we wanted to create an idea. These possibilities were choices which were already there. This is something that I think is also an interesting fact, because during the projects, the direction of what you have to do is already there. Also when you are going to work for a company, they do already have some kind of “opportunity” which you have to work out.

After this, everyone of your group has to come up with a couple ideas, and then take the qualities that you like from the idea.

When you have done that, you have to put all the qualities together and then put them in some kind of graph, which has different values on the “x”-axis and the “y”-axis. These values display in which way you want to go with your product. This way of coming up with ideas was totally new for me, and I did really like it. It is a way which makes you rethink your idea into such a way that you are breaking it down, and then rebuilding the idea with all the best possible qualities.

You can find the whole reflection by pressing on this text.

1ZAUA0 - Innovating by design
(B1 Delayed)

Individual Reflection

What was your individual contribution in conducting the assignment.
Within the assignment, I was responsible for creating the “scripts/set ups” of the movies, 2 of the voice overs and I had some input in the idea of the concept. Next to this I did also go to the first meeting with the elderly. We then had the three prime concepts with us, on which the elderly could give their opinions. Out of this we chose to go with the concept of the photoframe concept.

What was your learning outcome?
When I started this course, I expected to learn a lot in the department of marketing research and Design Methods and to learn more theory about this. While I did not learn as much on the bussines aspect during this course, I learned more about the influence of the users on your project. Having discussions with your user about the product which you are designing for them really gives you a better perspective on what they need and what the best design choices are, instead of thinking that you know is best for the user. Although the elderly couldn’t give us a clear list of what they wanted, by giving examples they could show their preferences, which would result into a list of preferences on which we could design the prototype. This would have been more interesting to do from the get go, intead of already pinning ourself to a concept.

What do you plan next time?
When we started to work, we had already come up with ideas to begin prototyping with, and as said that I learned a lot about discussing with your user, we thought of what would be best for our user, instead of taking our time and asking in what they found to be more interesting to use. Next time, I would take the phase of concepting somewhat more slowly, so that we can discuss certain points of interest with our users before we already pin ourself to a prototype. Another point of reflecction on this course, and what to do better next time is the aspect of communication and making appointments, as now, it was left a little too freely. Not everyone showed up to all the appointments, but some had valid reasons to not come. Communication is something that i would make sure, as now people would not show up on meetings for 45 minutes, before communicating why they could not come. Communication was also something that went down the harsh road in our group, and one member could not stay away from using curse words, something that went on a lot during the last week. If this should happen next time I will be contacting our teacher-coach earlier.

You can find the group reflection here.
You can find the grading for my reflection and and weekly videos here

HTML Workshop (B1.1)

In order to build a showcase, I thougth that it would be helpfull to learn the basics of HTML during the HTML Workshop, organized by our study association Lucid. I did this because I had no experience with HTML, CSS or Javascript. THis was next to a great experience and very helpful in order to build this showcase, also very helpful to understand the coding of the Lumus project.

Dutch Design Week (B1.1)

I went to the Dutch design week for a day, with a buddy of mine. We went to the part which is located at Stratumseind, near the Van Abbemuseum. We entered a couple of houses, including the Van Abbemuseum, which exhibited the art of the Dutch Design Week. What grabbed my eye the most, was that most of all the displayed items were just pieces of art with no extra attached value.

1ZSUA0 - Marketing research and Design methods (B1 delayed)

This is a group reflection.

Which elements in the group work were positive?
We consider the effectiveness of our meetings as positive, as neither of us felt meeting with the group was a waste of time. It was quite helpful to discuss our problems, solve them together and come up with an actual result within the meetings. I also think the initial task division was quite well spread and gave us an in-depth insight into the different kinds of quantitative analyses. However, through a somewhat poor digital communication, these task divisions were somewhat hard to follow sometimes.

Which elements in the group work were negative?
However our physical communication went very well, as mentioned above, our communication through WhatsApp could have definitely been better. There was often little to no response, and sometimes we were confused what matter was being discussed. The intensity of the project was too high towards the deadline, as we had planned to do much work at the end, instead of gradually throughout the assignment.

Did the group work process improve over time?
I think the group work definitely improved on some aspects over time, as we made a clear task division and time indication. I also think our communication improved a bit, but this can still improve in the future, by means of other media than WhatsApp to communicate the most important things.

What would you change in the group work process if you had to do the assignment again?
Next time we can make more use of the comments on Google Drive, as they give a more clear overview on the matter to discuss in the report, rather than sending WhatsApp-messages, as they might get overruled by other messages. We could also make a better time schedule, to give us somewhat more time to review the report and give us a buffer space if some of the research does not go as planned.

DG125 (B1.2)

During the third quartile of the second semester did I follow the course DG125, ideation and creation. I wanted to follow this course to focus more on the competencies Ideas and Concepts and Design and Research Processes.

I find that I have learned a lot during this elective.

You can click on the text to get to the page.

Collaboration with Summa

During the day of 9 September 2015, we had to complete a design for a given problem. This meant that we had to create something that would stimulate to office workers to be more active.

If you want to read the full report/reflection of the day, you can click on this text

Kroegentocht 2016

During the year of 2016, I had the possibility to be part of the committee of the Kroegentocht of ESR Thêta. During this time, I was in charge of promoting this event to the world. This meant that I had to maintain the communication of what was happening for this event and at what times it would take place. Doing this committee, I had to be responsible and communicate a lot between the other members of the committee, adding experience to my TC competency. My impact on the event was having a higher sale of tickets than last years ticketsale.
By clicking this link, you can find a, although small, more explainatory story.

The ESR Thêta kroegentocht website

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