• DG125

DG125 Ideation and Creation

Reflection and feedback for Joe Fletcher

During the writing of my second PDP, I found that I wanted to be able to visualize my ideas for final products more. But one of the underlying problems was to even come towards the final product. This was mostly because I could come up with a lot of ideas but not always with relevant ideas.Thus I had a couple of goals which I wanted to achieve by doing this elective.Which were for me a good way of finding solutions for certain problems, how I can get to relevant ideas and the way to apply these relevant ideas and putting them together into one big solution/idea.

- My way towards getting good solutions was a difficult one to achieve, and I think that I have not yet reached it. I still have to experiment more to find a good way towards getting solutions. The way you described is, as you said, one of many that you can use. It already has helped me in getting a new way of thinking about “solutions” myself. But this is still something that I have to apply more in the next ideas. Which comes in handy as I am going to follow some kind of the same elective in the fourth quartile. But I have experienced that it is good to use some kind of plan to rely on, to create something on which I can go further on.

- To get relevant ideas for “solutions” is a point of interest for me, because right now, I always just come up with ideas for the “problem” that we have to solve. Mostly those are not that good and are just details. Now, as you “taught” us, we can first identify the problem and the target users. We have to use the experience of the users to come up with relevant “solutions” for the “problem”, after all, they are the ones that experience the problem. This certainly something that I am going to take with me into the next elective. Because it is quite important to solve the “problems” that the users are experiencing, because you are trying to create something for them which you want them to buy.

- Couldn’t come up with a third one As for critique towards the assignment, you have to be more active during the presentations by suggesting things, and giving more perspectives in which we have to look upon “problems”. As an example, during the last presentations about the bridge next to the station, you suggested that it could also be a place in which a small store could be build to make it more attractive for people to walk through. This could give people more of an idea to think in different perspectives. This is quite important as it is things like this that can make or break an idea/”solution” (I think). We as students do not yet have this idea, this knowledge of thinking in different perspectives as much as you do, because we do not yet have the experience (that’s why we do this elective :P).

You could as well criticized or way of presenting more, to give us more of an idea how we could make them more professional.

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