• DG190



During this elective, we had to come up with a couple of opportunities on which we wanted to create an idea. These possibilities were choices which were already there. This is something that I think is also an interesting fact, because during the projects, the direction of what you have to do is already there. Also when you are going to work for a company, they do already have some kind of “opportunity” which you have to work out. After this, everyone of your group has to come up with a couple ideas, and then take the qualities that you like from the idea.

When you have done that, you have to put all the qualities together and then put them in some kind of graph, which has different values on the “x”-axis and the “y”-axis. These values display in which way you want to go with your product. This way of coming up with ideas was totally new for me, and I did really like it. It is a way which makes you rethink your idea into such a way that you are breaking it down, and then rebuilding the idea with all the best possible qualities.

We had to present these ideas with posters. The posters had to be attractive, convincing and of course had to portray your idea in the best way possible. When we created out first poster(s), it was still not focussing on the fact of telling what your idea is. We had created posters which were raising awareness instead of creating a poster that really shows your idea. We did thus also leave out room for imagination and had not enough text to explain how our idea would work. This was also one of the first feedback that we got on our poster/idea.

Another (general)tip was to include references, if they were good enough. Because people can search for the information and conclude that your idea is grounded on strong material.

The poster self was also not explanatory enough, due to the fact that we did not really put the idea that we had on the first row, and because the background was not supporting, but distracting. The first poster contained an phone where someone was sending an facebook message to someone. But on the background was an laptop, which we were not using to portray our idea, and was thus solely distracting.

We also were still thinking as scholars, and not like businessman. Thus we made the poster quite sloppy by not cutting away the margins and by hanging it askew. This was thus also one of the first feedback that we got on the poster.

When we put our qualities, we also made some directions on how we wanted to create our poster. We wanted to keep as little possible text in it, and to make it as clear as possible.

All in all, I think I still have learned a lot trough this elective. It made it clear for me that when you are presenting something, even if it is in the university that you have to be in time and to be prepared. Your arguments have to be sharp and you have to make people think they have good questions, while you have left the gaps there so they are easy for you to answer.

It thus taught me a lot about presenting our ideas. I did also found that when you are presenting something, you need to have “posters” that are clear enough to come through, yet vague enough to keep room for imagination.