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Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week

I went to the Dutch design week for a day, with a buddy of mine. We went to the part which is located at Stratumseind, near the Van Abbemuseum. We entered a couple of houses, including the Van Abbemuseum, which exhibited the art of the Dutch Design Week. What grabbed my eye the most, was that most of all the displayed items were just pieces of art with no extra attached value. The first building which we entered did only display clothes, which can only be considered as art, because they would not be able to be worn in real life. While I found it amusing to walk through those displays, and to feel like I was in some kind of expensive fashion show, it did not inspire me at all, and it couldn’t attract my attention. When we moved further up in the building and entered another building by entering it through the roof, we found more displayed art, from the Dutch Design Week, which was only partly .. with the clothing. Though this part of the display did attract my attention some more and I did like some of the displayed art, it still wasn’t inspiring or of any use for me.

The next building which we entered was the Van Abbemuseum. In here there was no clothing, and only art, in all kind of forms. This was something that I did like more then the other display, because it stored stuff that I was attracted to, like a chair which was build up by pieces of a puzzle, which I found to be a genial idea.

After this house, we did enter another part of the Dutch Design Week, which was close to the Van Abbemuseum. In here there were more things that you would use in your daily life, like chairs and tables. I did really find those things interesting because they are useful things. We went past a speaker, which was placed in the neck of a sculpture of a dog, and we walked past a chair, which had a back which resembled a T-shirt. We did also walk past a chair which was made out of carton plates, and because you think it would be weak, it is actually enormous strong and is thoughed really good about, because it could mean that used carton can have a second life, thus it would be able to be recycled, thus it would mean that there would be less garbage on the street.

As last, we went past a part of the Dutch Design Week where they were experimenting with the Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality glass, which lets you see the “computer generated”-world and lets you look around it by you moving your head around. I found this to be a really useful and awesome experience, and it really inspired me to think outside the box.As an example, if you would want to furnish your house, you could model your house in the program which is used for Oculus Rift, and then start to furnish it, and even paint it! You could also make boring documentaries way more exciting for people by letting them partake in the events which happen in the documentary. If we would be able to use this technology in our project, we could have made some awesome instruments.

All in all, I did found going to the Dutch Design Week to be fun, and to be an good experience, which I can use if I have some new projects in the futures. They give me some new views on what you can do with technology and with the design of the products.