Jessie Harms, Bram Goosink and Pepijn Michels


Active and Healthy Aging -- B1.3

The challenge of this project is to make office workers more active and to give them a more healthy way of life during work breaks.

When we started this project, we chose to try to make office workers more active and to make their lifestyle more healthy. We decided to do this with the use of an unusual, and mostly unexplored sense, smell.

This meant that we would be mostly exploring and researching to create our concept. This was quite difficult in the start, as we started to just come up with ideas, and to not test their use. Something that I learned out of this is that when you are using unexplored areas, you really have to concretise your ideas and goals. This became quite clear when we were starting to fall behind our schedule.

When we started to concretise our concept, we started to focus on one particular idea and start to user test it to see how effective it would be. Something that I immediately noticed was the difference of what we found with the user tests and with what I thought would be good to go with. Showing me the importance of using user tests. This shows how much impact having a good knowledge of your user has. As we now had to focus on a specific group of people, I had the possibility of exploring how this group of people would experience our concepts.

We also had to reflect on each (big) step that we took in the process, and evaluate if it would be good enough to do. This was something that I did not yet do as much before, because most projects I did before were using more explored areas of ideas. The reflecting really showed the way we had to go, and helped a lot.

I felt that this was being more of an research and pioneering project, than it really being a developing project, as we were more exploring concepts to making people more active, than really creating a marketable concept. I found this really interesting and a new kind of project. It also showed the importance of knowledge into the user and what the user wants. Overall, the skills and knowledge that I acquired are useful towards my overall development as a designer. It has also definitely raised my knowledge of User and Society and Design and Research processes, as well as the other general competencies.

The whole report, including this reflection, can you find here in PDF format.