• Collaboration with Summa/Fontys

Collaboration with Summa/Fontys

Reflection on the day we had

During the day of 9 September 2015, we had to complete a design for a given problem. This meant that we had to create something that would stimulate to office workers to be more active.

It was quite funny that this project was also the project that we have as TU/e students. This would give us the ability to see what the Fontys students would create. As for a fact, I found that I would be focussing too much on the most basic ideas, while the Fontys students came up with a couple of good ideas. The idea that they had was to create some kind of ball, which would give the person that was holding the ball, during a meeting, the rights to speak. I do have to admit that I really have to start to broaden my view on the possibilities.

It was also quite fun that the Fontys students had different studies, of which some had not much to do with the Industrial Design study. While this gave the opportunity to have different ideas, because they have a different look on the workshop, it gave some troubles with the way the project had to go. This meant that I had to give a lot of input in the way we would process the project.

While we went through the short period for coming up with an project, we ended up with a quite feasible idea.

This workshop made me think about changing my mind-set on thinking about new solutions, and not being stuck with the most obvious and easy ideas. One of the point of improvements that I saw in the workshop was maybe a bit more involvement or help during its course.