• Tomos Revival

    Pepijn Michels

Tomos Revival

Free time

After I bought my first moped, I found one that really fulfilled my needs of a moped. This meant that it had to look more like a motorbike, and feel like a motor bike. When I was searching for such a bike, I stumbled upon this beauty.

I thus bought this moped and started to notice that it was lacking in certain departments, thus I decided to use the process of maintaining this moped as being part of my RSDL.

While I was maintaining the other moped together with my father, this one is totally my responsibility. And while I have learned a lot about the way mopeds work and have to be maintained due to my father, I felt that I had to do this one for myself.

During the time that I spent on this moped, I really noticed how it improved my SDCL in a way that it really puts me in such a situation that I have to motivate myself to continue working on this moped. This means that I have stood on the brink of selling this moped a lot of times.

Although it may still be quite a beautiful moped, I am already looking towards getting my motor license and buying a motorbike, which would mean the end for this chapter in my life.

When I bought this moped, it was already in a way better condition than my previous moped was. It did drive really good and the acceleration was way better. The only thing lacking of this moped was the bodywork, which had/has considerable damage. Though this is quite expensive to replace, and it is not really necessary, thus I do not want to spend a lot of money on this factor.

The first thing that I started to notice was that this moped was stuttering quite a lot on its top speed, which means that it is not well tuned. This lead me into changing the back sprocket for smaller one, as I thought the sputtering came due to the fact that it was at its maximum rpm.

Yet this was not the solution for the stuttering, thus I started to look even further into the moped. I started doing a lot of research onto the way that mopeds behave, and what the most common problems are when those kind of mopeds stutter in the same way. I found that a possible solution was to adjust the ignition to the so called “brommer-stand”, which meant that it would perform better at the higher speeds. Yet this was neither the solution for my problem.

At last I started to look at the sprayer in the carburettor. This made clear why the moped was stuttering, as it was way to big for the ratio in which it was mixed with air. I thus took a way smaller sprayer and placed it in the carburettor, which was the solution to the stuttering problem.

Another problem that I faced was that the front brake did not work. The front brake was leaking and the pads were worn out. This meant that I had to buy new braking-pads and that I had to find a solution to stop the leaking. I found a solution in the way that I had to place a little ball bearing in the brake. Although it took me a long time to solve this problem, it was easily done, and it now works like a charm.

While it is still a work in progress, it is close to being finished, as its final moments are approaching, off it being sold in favour of a motorbike.

But it is allready showing its results, as it is running way smoother than when I bought it.