• Engineering Design

    Lennart Eringfeldt, Stefan van de Berg, Nynke de Leeuw, Marcel Bosselaar and Pepijn Michels

Engineering Design


The challenge of this project was to create a "drone", which could be controlled by using your computer and with having visuals via a webcam, to rescue the "victims" of the disaster in Gemini.

Expectation: I have some experience on how engines work. I also like to draw things like cars and other objects, this means that I could create the drawings for the designs that we are going to create. I do have some problems with planning, as it is not my strongest point.
Task: Design of the vehicle
Mid-term evaluation:
-good practical knowledge
-a bit playful in meetings, sometimes he should work more focused
-need to be more in control with the chairman
-most of the assignments were good, sometimes they can be more detailed
-Pepijn had a large contribution to the technical part of the robot and the design
-He could have behaved more serious and official during the group meetings

Evolvement as a group:
In the beginning of the project we all contributed equally in our group. Later in the project we started to divide the tasks more. Lennart and Nynke had less skills in the technical part, thus they wrote the final report and took care of the financial part and helped the others with building the robot. Stefan did the programming of Arduino. Pepijn and Marcel did most of the technical and physical part. This was very efficient, because everybody did what he or she was good at, but we still discussed everything and learned from each other about designing and building a robot.

The whole report, including this reflection, can be found here in PDF format.