• ESR Thêta Kroegentocht 2016

ESR Thêta Kroegentocht 2016

Committee of Kroegentocht

During the year of 2016, I had the possibility to be part of the committee of the Kroegentocht of ESR Thêta. During this time, I was in charge of promoting this event to the world. This meant that I had to maintain the communication of what was happening for this event and at what times it would take place. To do this, I had to create flyers, posters and a banner. Doing this committee, I had to be responsible and communicate a lot between the other members of the committee. Due to my way of promoting this event, we achieved a sale of around the 330-340 tickets out of the 350. In 2015, the previous committee was only able to sell around 260 tickets.

While I am, certainly, not allowed to show most of the documents, as they are receipts and/or notes from the meetings, I have been able to learn a lot during the time that I was a part of this committee. Next to what I have written above, being responsible for the promotion of a grand event is something that requires a person to be able to do what is expected from them. Last year, I had trouble doing this. If I have to reflect back on this, I can see the difference in how I acted last year, and how I am now. While it's still a factor in progress, this experience has been a learning line for me in this aspect.
I can see myself doing another committee next year, as it is something that I find fun to do, and it is something that lets me learn more about myself in being a responsble person.