• Tomos S25 (A35)

    Pepijn Michels and Frans Michels

Tomos S25 (A35)

Free time

During my free time I decided to clean my scooter as part of RSDL. I wanted to do this by taking it apart, and then cleaning it part for part. I do this to learn something for my Self-Directed and Continuous Learning and partly my Integrating Technology. I do it also because it is something that I like to do, and my scooter was not working correctly and want to improve it's performance.

I do this project together with my father, because he knows a lot about the process on how to dismantle and clean a scooter.

I started when the performance of the scooter was dropping drasticly. I first started by replacing the brakes inside the wheels of the scooter. The next thing I did was dismantling the whole scooter, and to start cleaning it.

I started by cleaning the engine's outside and partly its inside. This is something that had to be done, because it was really dirty, and thus possibly an source of dirt to be able to get inside the engine. If this would happen, the performance could drop drasticly and even destroy the engine.

While I was cleaning the carburettor, I found that it was really dirty, and thus keeping the scooter from performing. I hope that when I set the scooter together again, this shows of by an improvement in the performance of the scooter.

When you want to place the parts back together, you have to need gaskets between a couple of parts. Thus I also replaced most of the gaskets.

While I am not yet finished with this project, it already gives me results. I have already cleaned the carburettor, the exhaust and the outside of the engine.